How Did We Begin?

Back in 1981 after traveling for 10 years right out of college, I woke up one morning in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains in Nepal and watched the sunrise over Anapurna and Mt Everest, and felt the beauty penetrate into me. I realized if after all the time I spent seeking, this was what I had been after. This was enough. It was time to come home.


What We Are About?

You can order any style in any fabric in any color, for any occasion. Everything is designed and created at our own facility in Southern California. We work in textures and solids in 100% Silk and create our own unique prints. We do our own cutting and sewing, over dying and pressing; nothing leaves our facility until it gets shipped to our customers. The fabric and prints are as much a part of the design as the fit that adds a fresh bounce to your step, whether in the daylight or night. YOU are YOU and we are with YOU.

Where Are We Heading? 

After URU was established in a factory of its own in San Diego county, with its own dye room, cutting room, and sewing room, we developed our own unique look. URU’s designs are easy to wear; elegant and casual; timeless and great for travel. We tantalize our palate with the wonders of artists and the wonders of the world!